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24 August 2012 @ 10:26 pm
fic: the roads we take (8/8)  

title: the roads we take

author: greyrosesinjune

pairing: gri with hints of ot-5; gdyb, tobae and daeri.

rating: pg-13

genre: romance/angst/friendship

word count: 5 000 words

disclaimer: The characters are not mine sadly; only the plot is.

author's note:
This is written for the second round of the Big Bang Comment Fic Fest which is one of the most delightful events I have participated in to date. (:

Prompt from the lovely vvipforseungri:

"The only thing I have to do in life is die. Everything else is a choice."

- G-Dragon

Epilogue: Part 1

Epilogue: Part 2

A quick glance at his watch tells him that it is six o'clock in the morning, two days after his twenty-fifth birthday. 

Seunghyun left a while ago because he was called back to film and Jiyong remembers his hyung swearing distastefully because he was 'supposed to have a fucking break, damn it!' Jiyong watched his hyung leave and assured him that he'll get home in one piece, and 'no hyung, I won't tell Bae you left me here alone. I'm not a kid, you know.'

A few stronger drinks later, Jiyong left the bar, hailed a cab. The ahjusshi merely glanced at him as Jiyong told him the address, which made for a very silent journey back home, broken only by the wafts of the blues from the radio.

Jiyong leans back and tilts his head outside. Grey roads, grey buildings, grey pavements. It is grey, all of it, even the sky which is crying for him. His world is awash in grey and he thinks that even if he weren't already depressed, this would be the final grain tipping the scales which would spiral him into the abyss of depression. This is his penance; a world without Seungri, a faded world diminished to hues of grey and black and white. Who knew that his one fucking decision would drive off his beloved and murder his own heart?

'What a wonderfully bleak world I live in now,' Jiyong thinks; leans his head against the coolness of the window and traces the rivulets of rain falling.

The car rolls to a stop outside a familiar set of buildings. The ahjusshi turns back to stare at Jiyong and he places a few thousand won in the cabbie's hands tells him to keep the change. He smiles, bows. 

The guards let him into the tower once they glimpse his weary face and staggering steps. Jiyong stumbles pass them without acknowledging them and tries to walk in a straight line towards the elevator. He presses the button for the elevator and waits, facing the dull steel of the elevator doors. Barely a few months ago, Seungri would have been beside him chattering nonsensically away or pressing the 'up' button without fail, which secretly amused Jiyong. But now times have changed, and Jiyong is alone. He exhales deeply. 

At that moment, with an overly loud 'ding', the elevator doors open. Jiyong steps into the lift, presses his floor number and listens to the low hum of the elevator. He leans his weight on the side of the elevator to support his weight and waits again, to reach the penthouse. In front of him, he sees his reflection staring tiredly back at him, cutting a haggard figure in a too-large parka and a black beanie. He looks tired, Jiyong thinks, just the same way he feels.

A while later, he hears the annoying, loud 'ding' again. He steps out, fishes in his parka for the keys and finds them at the bottom of his right side pocket. He squints because the keys all look identical until he sees one with a red heart drawn on it with permanent marker. Seungri's doing, because the maknae knew that he is hopeless at these things.

With a pained smile at this recollection, Jiyong fits the key into the lock and is gratified that the solid wooden doors clicks open, allowing him in. He punches in his code at the secondary entrance: 901212 and this time the bulletproof glass doors swing open. 

He gropes around blindly for the switch and when he finds it, light floods the room. His eyes shut of their own will before he forces them open, forces them to adjust to the overwhelming light. His vision is white before the colours seep in. 

Jiyong blinks. And blinks again.

Suddenly Jiyong's world is brighter and more vivid. Even the air tastes crisper now.

"Are you real?" he asks the lanky figure with familiar, beloved panda eyes standing in the middle of the living hall; a vision in an emerald turtleneck and denim jeans. 

"Hello," Seungri says.

Jiyong takes in the luggage next to the futon they always make love on; takes in the bright eyes reflecting love and a nervous smile on the lips of his beloved. And Jiyong's world shifts; rights itself again. He breathes deeply, pulse erratic at the implications of all these and hope courses through his veins, erasing the previous despair. 

His world with Seungri with him again feels very much like Eden. 


chanraechanrae on August 24th, 2012 04:34 pm (UTC)
You have no idea how happy you have made me. These were what I'd (mentally) do (if I could). In running order; punched Ji, knuckled Bae, wipes Seungri's tears, kissed Bae, laughed at Ji, kissed TOP, hold Daesung, punched Ji again (for not going to Japan to say all that) and kissed TOP (cartwheels for him and Bae), promise Daesung my heart is his forever.....
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on August 25th, 2012 05:28 am (UTC)
(: <3~

For whatever reason, Daesung (in my fics) tends to be forever alone. Needs to remedy that soon. :S

Your reactions just put a smile on my face. Notice that you said that you'd have kissed TOP twice. /squee

I would have to say that my favourite character here would be Daesung. I felt so bad for him after I wrote his character... but it had to be done. I hope you liked the DaeRi bit though!

About Ji. I think he should have gone to Japan too, I mean, face-to-face would've been more sincere. But I'd like to think that he's still a little selfish in that sense, even if he does realise the error of his ways and wants Seungri back. Idk. Which is the ending is left open because Nyongtory does have a chance, but we don't see Ji's atonement.

Thanks for commenting, Rae, and if you've gotten to this point, sorry for going off on a tangent!
(no subject) - seamanthedog on September 28th, 2012 09:20 am (UTC) (Expand)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on September 29th, 2012 06:57 am (UTC)

I actually think I wrote the entire thing just for this ending. Nyongtory is my ship and I will go down with it! (:

Tobae is Tobae, and Daesung just needs someone awesome in his life too. Hahaha.
jenbom on December 5th, 2012 02:14 am (UTC)
i cried so hard at Jiyong's confession.
Every emotion and detail and even the little-but-important-things were written with such clarity, it was like reading my own life story. (but I'm not....because I'm still waiting for any one of them to knock on my door and profess their love -BUT BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING..)
I was literally screaming when Ri just hung up, because I mean, goddamn, we all know these two were and are such die-hards for each other in this fic. (&irl..)
Thank you for the beautiful story, and the beautiful ending, and the beautiful characters.
I would write you a longer love letter but I must go dry my tears right about now.
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 5th, 2012 02:40 am (UTC)
Thank you for commenting!

/wipes tears away

I'm really glad you enjoyed reading it! c: