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12 December 2012 @ 09:46 pm
fic: lessons in saying goodbye  

title: lessons in saying goodbye (or how seungri leaves kwon jiyong)

author: greyrosesinjune

pairing: gri, gtop, hints of daeri if you squint

rating: pg-13

word count: ~ 2 000 words

disclaimer: bigbang doesn't belong to me, sadly.

lessons in saying goodbye

(or how seungri leaves kwon jiyong)


this is how jiyong thinks seungri would leave, if he did.

jiyong knows seungri isn't much for being subtle, what with all the commotion and fanfare wherever he goes, in whatever he does.

jiyong believes he'll know long before seungri decides upon that course of action, and jiyong has time to put a stop to whatever foolish notions the younger has, or let it all play out naturally.

(jiyong thinks and observes and plans, but seungri is the most variable of variables, and jiyong counts on seungri's predictability too much that he forgets that unpredictability is what makes seungri predictable; makes the mistake of labelling seungri 'unsubtle'.)


this is how seungri thinks he'll leave -



this is how they begin:

seungri falls first.

head over heels, heart before mind.

falls and falls and somehow along the way, jiyong falls too.

jiyong's kisses taste like dancing, and freedom, and everything lee seunghyun has given up to become seungri.


this is why seungri leaves.


a friendship so tight there are no spaces any other.

(seungri always wanted to fall in love with his best friend, someone who understood and knew him for him; all his quirks and idiosyncrasies and still be there to hold him in the after, still there.

but his lover has a best friend already, one with a love of music who sings and dances and understands the man even better than himself.

seungri tries, but youngbae is a possessive bastard like that, and seungri backs off.)


a complicit understanding between two people who have suffered and paid for their sins.

(seungri hates it when jiyong pulls out the 'you don't know what it's like card'.

"you don't understand," jiyong tries to explain patiently.

"you don't get it," jiyong fumes.

"you don't know," jiyong snarls.

"it didn't happen to you." jiyong intones quietly -  

and seungri wants to shake him, rattle him angrily because seungri has always, always been there to listen and hold and soothe and cry for him but apparently that isn't fucking enough because he didn't directly experience the line of fire.

seungri hates it when jiyong uses that card against him because it's true, it never happened to him.

(but seungri knows and understands because jiyong hurts and he hurts too, but jiyong doesn't understand that, uses that against him)

seungri hates it.)


and the frission of simmering attraction that's slowly being put on boil.

(seungri knows right from the start, that jiyong and seunghyun are special friends in a way that is so different from the camaraderie that jiyong and youngbae have, and yet so similar.

and more, even if at the time seungri didn't recognise it for what it is; brushed it aside.

jiyong's fondness for the eldest goes unnoticed by everyone because it is the maknae that jiyong squashes to death during interviews; kisses on stage and dances around giddily.

so seungri doesn't press jiyong about it, even as jiyong curls into him at night.

but that doesn't mean he doesn't see the spark when both collide, during song-writing and pretty much everything else. the way jiyong who doesn't remember unimportant things (like seungri's exam schedule) and yet remembers that choi seunghyun hates pickles and olives and onions. the quiet contemplation on jiyong's features when he looks at seungri sometimes, like he is someone else -

and the sad, faraway look in jiyong's eyes sometimes when he gazes at the eldest, a look of yearning and wanting that makes seungri sick to his stomach.)


the truth is, there is no space for him, no matter how much he wants.


this is how seungri wants to leave:

(he wants to be remembered)


this is how seungri leaves.


a trainwreck, he is.

he cannot focus, cannot sing or dance or find it within himself to gather himself and paint some semblance of happiness. his academic results plummet, resulting in his parents and the company being worried, but all he wants to do is to curl up in bed and sleep. sometimes, he gets the irrational urge to throw things, or wring someone by their neck.

"what the fuck is wrong with you," jiyong never says, but these days, when seungri gets into these moods, jiyong schools his expression carefully and leaves. sometimes a vase ends up shattering at the door jiyong has just exited, but jiyong's lips merely purse, and seungri's anger burns and rages.

a severe exhaustion and sadness descends, comparable to those uncertain days before he entered bigbang, when exhaustion and insecurity were a norm.

he pricks himself picking up the shards, but he doesn't feel the pain, just washes it off and leaves the wound to fester.


he also begins to notice seunghyun's pattern of self-destruction - alcohol, sex and erratic moodswings and the way he behaves around jiyong, like maybe he has caught on too late and too slowly. identifies the dark cloud that follows seunghyun everywhere as regret and feels a profound weariness for the elder, coupled with a tinge of dislike.

(and maybe catches onto the way jiyong seems to have caught on.

the sad part is, seungri would believe that his lover and his hyung would go behind his back.

his mind kicks into overdrive; dissecting, analysing and processing all the bits of interaction they have until he is exhausted and angry and disgusted at himself.)


"if you ever find someone you love more than me, you have to tell me," he lightly remarks one day and there is guilt in jiyong's eyes, as well as a sharp wariness but all that disappears when jiyong laughs it all off as if that will never happen, pulls seungri into an empty embrace.


"won't you ask me not to leave?" he murmurs to the night, as jiyong slumbers, back facing him and body curled at the edge of the bed.

(seungri gets up, pulls his sweats on and if he is found sleeping in the guest room the next morning, face streaked with dry tears, jiyong doesn't mention it.)


he sees them one day, jiyong's head resting on seunghyun's shoulder while they compose together, jiyong warm and pliant, pressed to a relaxed seunghyun's side with a softness that seungri has never experienced, and seungri cannot deny the bitterness in him that arises when he admits they look good together.

he turns, and walks away.


jiyong asks him to stay when he finally cottons on, but by that time seungri is drained and tired and so so angry.

"why?" seungri asks, and he doesn't believe it when jiyong says "because i love you."

he figures it's over then.

(he knows that jiyong knows this too)


he makes a big show out of it - moving out. babbles on about independence and being free of jiyong and leading the life of a bachelor he's always dreamed of.

he feels jiyong's heavy stare on his back as he directs the movers, and remembers with vivid clarity the night jiyong asked him to stay. there is a weariness, this heaviness and reluctance to leave, but seungri also knows that if he doesn't leave now, he never will.

he carries the next box out himself.


the next concert, he makes sure he's as far away from jiyong as possible.

seungri reins in his urges to stand next to the leader, to wrap an arm around his waist, to touch, to sing to the pink-haired man.

he sticks to daesung instead. smiley, bright daesung who doesn't comment on anything but daesung does nudge seungri away when seungri gets too close.

(he watches seunghyun hyung do his idiotic dance in front of jiyong; watches as jiyong's face breaks into a smile.

seungri ignores the twinge in his chest and goes back to his singing, and tries to put an arm around daesung, ignoring daesung's elbows poking into his ribs.)


this is really why seungri leaves -

because when it all comes down to it, he just doesn't know how to say goodbye.  

because even though he is no longer jiyong's seungri, seungri still finds his feet chasing after the man down the road whose profile looks so much like jiyong's; still stills and reminds himself to breathe whenever he hears the smooth strains of 'missing you' and the warble of jiyong's voice.

still feels something when he sees jiyong's shy smile on old, wobbly, pixelated fancams of concerts even when it isn't directed at him.

still leans forward a little when he feels a phantom warmth pressing against his back.

still spaces his fingers out, as if there are fingers intertwining with his -

as if he could still hold onto someone who isn't there any longer.

(sometimes he remembers with vivid clarity jiyong's kisses, and now they taste like pain and love and everything seungri gave up to become lee seunghyun again.)


this is how seungri leaves.

when the rest begin their solo projects and seunghyun his acting, seungri asks to go to japan.

(and to his surprise, yg says yes, with a stern warning not to get into any scandals again.)

he leaves on a quiet tuesday morning, just before dawn breaks.


japan is different.

seungri doesn't quite grasp this until he really settles down in a little apartment at shinjuku.

like days he craves kimchi, where there is none -

or the familiarity of hangul and korean words, to ease his homesickness a little.

his mother, and the warmth of home that bright, fluorescent japan somehow lacks.

he may sort of miss the rest of bigbang too, but he'll never really admit it to them.


and yet, japan is familiar.

no kimchi, but seungri learns to make his own. it isn't as good as the one his mother makes, but it's enough to sustain him. other times he goes to the little shop two streets away for sukiyaki and pickled radish which is enough to warm him.

and japanese, once so difficult in the beginning, especially the with hiragana and kanji and katakana characters, suddenly seems to click for him. the words spill easily, and he lets himself be at ease with the fluidity of which he speaks these foreign words.

he moves in trinkets from here and there. little porcelain sculptures from around japan, a sand sculpture from okinawa. he hangs up photographs of home, and some indie art pieces he finds from here and there as well as the better-quality fanmade paintings. he buys all the books he has always wanted to read, not just the books on business or the motivational books but also some pieces of fiction. he stocks his fridge with kimbap and jiggae, and makes sure there's always a tub of kimchi in stock.

and when daesung releases his solo album covering japanese songs, seungri finds that he has a new apartment-mate and makes space for daesung's books and cds and doraemon plushies.

and seungri is content.


seungri gets into the habit of taking walks when he is in japan. the country is beautiful, in a way different yet similar to korea.

sometimes, on his off days, he takes the train down to different regions of japan.

he takes the train down to osaka to visit dotonburi and puts on weight as he goes around nibbling on takoyaki and crab legs and japanese snacks. takes a photo with the glico man when he walks past ebisubashi and uploads it to twitter. visits the kaiyukan and gapes in awe to see the penguins and whales and the massive stingray residing within.

other times he makes his way down to kyoto, which he really loves. the ancient city reveals new wonders for him each time he visits, whether in the form of its splendours (the magnificence of kinkakuji and the shogun palace) or its quieter intricacies (a small eatery serving the best octopus legs he has ever eaten or a shinto shrine concealing a rock garden and a bamboo forest within).

seungri travels, and learns to live again.


sometimes he asks daesung to come along as well.

daesung jets between seoul and tokyo for his promotional activities, so he hardly gets a breather.

so seungri, when daesung has longer stretches of much wanted downtime, takes daeung around.

they walk around tokyo; shinjuku, shibuya and ginza at first but then seungri suggests that they get off at a random station and just explore the place.

it rains, the first time they try it out, and seungri thinks that daesung will never do this again with him. but daesung merely laughs and takes out the bright yellow umbrella he had packed and they wander around aimlessly in the rain, pressed together under the too-small umbrella as they appreciate the lush scenery unfolding before them.

when they tire, they find a small wooden eatery and sit, warming their hands on the hot glasses of ocha before sharing a huge portion of sukiyaki and ramen between them. they talk about things (and seungri realises that daesung is a really good listener) until the sun goes down and they've to seek accommodation from a ryokan that the kindly proprietor points them to.

"thank you," daesung says as they settle on the futon that night, sharing a comfortable room.

"glad you enjoyed it," seungri replies, and seungri can feel daesung's smile in the darkness, less than a foot away.

the next morning after breakfast, they walk around the town a little and seungri breathes in fresh air, utterly content.

he thinks about jiyong, and how jiyong might love this place, and how maybe seungri will bring him here next time, if jiyong wishes. and realises then, that these days the thought of jiyong doesn't cause a pang in his heart anymore, although there is still a quiet sense of loss.

daesung nudges his shoulder and asks if seungri is happy, and seungri tells him the truth.

"i am," seungri says, and he means it.


author's note:

This fic is dedicated to the one and only Lee Seungri, for being the most embarrassingly adorkable, handsome maknae of BIGBANG. Happy birthday, you crazy man-boy. This year has been spent rediscovering you, laughing at you and with you, crying for you and most of all, loving you. I cannot express how absolutely wonderful you have been and how your existence continues to be the permanent rainbow in my life. Here's to you, maknae, and here's hoping that wherever you are and whatever you do, you're happy and contented.

And a biggggg 'thank you' to my wifey, twelvemornings, for the constant encouragement and betawork, even though bigbang is not her fandom. This piece would never have been written like this (or even published at all!) if not for her. Thank you so much, wifey! <3 /huggles

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greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 11:57 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 12:01 pm (UTC)

He moved on. It's a bit sad, but Seungri found happiness in the end, although Jiyong still remains with him, in a small way.

Bittersweet, I guess? But he ends up happy. :3
all your deliberate lies: kpop // pillowtalkingparodying on December 12th, 2012 07:40 pm (UTC)

i haven't been into the fandom much any more but i fell in love with this. utter and absolute love. because you've somehow managed to go through those steps; the relationship, the realisation that the relationship is going nowhere, the denial the anger the pain that comes with it, and how seungri moves on. how he finds himself again. it's beautiful.

thank you so much for writing and sharing. although this breaks my heart, i enjoyed it. ♥
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 12:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for reading this then! I'm glad you love this even if you haven't been in the fandom for a while.

I wanted to show Seungri falling out of a relationship, and this happened. I really like the last part though, for the reasons that you've mentioned.

Thank you again for reading and for the lovely comment! (:
this is strictly a lab partnershipvvipforseungri on December 12th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
Aww man, it is way too easy to get sucked back into this fandom and pairing when I get to read things like this. Ugh, feels man. Just feels.
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 12:14 pm (UTC)
Hello, you! Hahah. Feels for Seungri is always good, no? And you're right, I just can't write GRi without some measure of angst. :(
this is strictly a lab partnershipvvipforseungri on December 13th, 2012 02:38 pm (UTC)
Hiya! No, Seungri feels are not good, do you know what they tend to do to me? /shakes head Especially when I'm slowly inching away...

GRi has been established as an angsty pairing. The two are synonymous.
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
What? And whyyy? ;-;

It's a good thing I love angst then. :D
this is strictly a lab partnershipvvipforseungri on December 13th, 2012 03:09 pm (UTC)
Well, I mean the BB fandom isn't very active regardless, right? I'm not going to stop writing (at least for a while) for this fandom, but... I feel like I'm already getting invested in other fandoms? Everyone has other fandoms LOL

(hahaha I definitely hate angst, right?)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, true that. Which is sad because there are so many things one can do within it. Haha, yes xD

I actually might write for my other fandoms for a change. Loads of feels. :D

(Considering you write loads of GRi... xP)
this is strictly a lab partnershipvvipforseungri on December 13th, 2012 03:17 pm (UTC)
I don't know, everyone goes in and out of fandoms; it doesn't mean that I'm not going to keep up with them, just maybe less GRi?

Oh man, I'm so terrified of trying in the HP fandom, so I'm going to reside happily in the TVD/Elementary fandom while I catch up on Supernatural.

(oh yeah, definitely)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 03:25 pm (UTC)
Yay. I'll still get to read your GRi from time to time then. \0/

HP, as in Harry Potter? Omg, that was my original fandom and I even wrote a few fics for it! I mostly ship H/Hr, and pretty much Hermione/anyone as long as it's het and well-written and NOT Ron. I'm mostly all for the het in the HP fandom, and anti Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny.

Is Elementary good? Because I've watched Sherlock and I don't think anything can beat Sherlock. But I really, really like Lucy Liu and I'm planning to give 'Elementary' a try for her sake (and for more Sherlock feels).

Twilight pretty much crushed whatever feels I have for vampires, so I don't watch or read vampire stories (except for the occasional fics and 'Dracula'). ;-;

I'm currently happily dwelling in my Avengers/Sherlock/Skyfall fandoms. Yay me! :D
this is strictly a lab partnershipvvipforseungri on December 13th, 2012 03:58 pm (UTC)
Haha, especially considering the ficmix is coming up and Christmas break, I'll want to write more.

YEEES! HARRY POTTER FAN FOREVER! That was probably my first ever fandom, even if I wasn't aware it existed. I've written ONE but I just... am so scared of writing in that fandom. It's just so established and very active, so newbies would be spotted immediately. I know plenty of the "legendary" writers of now and I don't even want to think about the past legends. I also don't know where the majority of the fandom frequent (which forum). It's so overwhelming, despite my love of Harry Potter. There's so much good!fic that bad!fic don't matter.

I agree so much! I am very big on H/Hr and fuck Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. Those two pairings were so weak and just... lazy writing on JK's part. I like Dramione as well. But my love would have to go to Drarry LOL (sooo mainstream idc).

/cries You've seen Sherlock too? THE FEELS. I can't wait until 2014 for S3! But I started Elementary thinking that I'd be disappointed because of Sherlock's greatness, but it is so worth it. It really is a separate show. Where Sherlock is like an ongoing drama/movie with mysteries mixed in, Elementary is different because it is a tv show instead of a mini-series. Each episode has its own mystery that needs to be solved while the characters have small inner revelations/progressions with each episode. It's been really great getting to know Sherlock and Joan slowly. Besides that, Lucy and Johnny have INCREDIBLE chemistry. I'm not a fan of them as a romantic couple, so I'm super happy that it's not going that way. I adore the way they are building their friendship, though. Where John just accepted Sherlock, Joan will take no shit from Sherlock. It's great. The mysteries themselves are far more simple and fall short in terms of impressiveness, but are fun to watch regardless. I watch more for Joan/Sherlock than the mysteries.

In short, it's a really great show that doesn't compare to BBC Sherlock because of how different they are.

(also, Johnny Lee Miller is an incredibly adorable Sherlock [child!Sherlock feels] and Lucy Liu rocks my socks).

I actually really like the Twilight books for their guilty-pleasure factor. I'm not a fan, per se, in that I have no interest in the fandom and the movies are mediocre, but it is what it is.

And I'll admit, I started TVD because of the Twilight hype, but fuck it is basically becoming my main fandom now because it is so phenomonally better than Twilight and the books. It's dramatic and exciting and just a cesspool of FEELS. SO MANY FUCKING FEELS. DAMON FEELS.

/getting excited over tonight's mid-season finale

But it is in its 4th season now so that's probably why I'm so invested. I'm more invested when I start at the beginning with everyone else (which is why although Supernatural is such a flawless show I'll never get to be invested).

wow sorry for the long-ass comment.

Avengers?! Nice! While I loved the movie (and also the related films... RDJ mmmm) I've never been one for "superhero fics" and the like :/ And I can't ship anything?

Skyfall is cool too - is it just based on movie!canon or the previous movies as well?


Edited at 2012-12-13 03:58 pm (UTC)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 14th, 2012 01:31 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, the ficmix! I'm looking forward to reading all that you guys have written! :3 I'm currently trying to push out as much fic as possible till next March, when I start school. A few other fandoms including the BIGBANG fandom, but not so much GRi in the works. c:

Yay! :D You should just post it anyway, haha. I considered posting my HP fic here, but I wrote it waaaay back and I cringe to read it now. Nothing epic, but I started with it, you know? Oh yes. I love atruwriter in particular. Her four-part HHr makes me sob every single time I read it. It depends on which pairing, I guess? HHr used to be on Portkey, but is slowly dwindling. :/ (I tried getting on Drarry, but I prefer Dramione. And um, at the time het was more my thing? Idk. But since I'm so happily shipping HHr... let's leave it at that.) I disliked the last few books. Ugh. You're right. I accepted all the plot points (the Hallows, Dumbledore's death and even Sirius being killed by drapes) but the pairings were seriously screwed up. Seriously, Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione? Wth.

YES SHERLOCK MY FEELS (but um, I don't ship Sherlock/John? Because I really don't like John in Sherlock - I much prefer movie!John - JUDE LAWWWW <3) I ship Sherlock/Irene. :3 And wait - 2014? Not 2013? ;______;

Oh yes. Sherlock is epic because of the movie format. Since you're singing Elementary's praises, I'll give it a go. But does it follow the books? I really like the idea of John as Joan. :D And yes, I want to see all that. The character development especially. (I really don't like John in Sherlock. Haha. John in movie!Sherlock is awesome. :3)

Nooo. Twilight! I started happily and loved it all the way to Eclipse to the point that I started reading fic speculating about the ending. BUT THEN BREAKING DAWN CAME OUT. I queued for it, paid for it with my own cash and the book absolutely disappointed me. And disappointment is an overstatement. Ugh. Even the fic I read was better than the fiasco that was the ending. (And one of the fics I read actually was the outline of BD - the pregnancy and all). After that, I've pretty much refrained from vampires (and tried not to set fire to my Twilight books). It's pretty extreme, but I am so disappointed and upset that it isn't even funny anymore. (I refused to watch the movies too) Bella is the worse Mary Sue in the history of literature. And Edward! D: But. That being said. The Twilight fandom has some really good writers. I refuse to read Edward/Bella, so I read Jacob/Leah, Edward/Leah and Edward/Rosalie instead. There is this fic on ff.net - Breaking Points by sugarbucket which is the best Twilight fic imo. After the masterpiece that was that Edward/Rosalie fic, fitted into canon no less, I pretty much stopped reading Twilight fic. That was the way Twilight should have gone, imo. Unf. So much feels for that one. I never read on-going fics (or I try not to) but I made an exception for that one.

TVD = Damon feels. I can't like Elena and Stefan reminds me too much of Edward, but Kat - oh, I love Kat. Enjoy it! I'll probably catch snippets of it later (my sis looooves the show). Not into the SPN fandom very much or the show itself because I've never really watched it, but Jensen Ackles 8DDDDD

(My reply is equally long, if not longer, so...)

I have a soft spot for Superhero fics. In fact, before I got into HP fic, I was in the Justice League/Marvel/DC fandom. I ship Loki! Loki/Steve currently, and Loki/Tony on the side. Sometimes Loki/Thor too.

It's based on the books - James Bond is the result of some pretty awesome books. And it's tied to its previous movies although you don't have to watch it to know. But if you've watched the previous movies, it adds a whole new dimension to what you watch. All the subtext. :3

So yes. Avengers/Skyfall/Sherlock feeels. 8DDDD
this is strictly a lab partnershipvvipforseungri on December 16th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
Haha, at this point I'm just trying to write ANYTHING while balancing school and stuff. I have to restart my ficmix (which is due tomorrow, nbd) while studying for a quiz, memorizing a 15 page script, and finishing a uni application. FML.

I did post it! It's on my fanficoverload page (http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/25) that I should probably put on my AO3... but it was so bad, like I didn't know any of the British-isms ugh. I haven't read anything other than HD (because I'm not active in the fandom, I like to geek out alone), mind reccing me some? For me, I like het just as much, it's just I get weirded out for some reason when it comes to het!smut. It doesn't do anything for me. I LOVED the last few books, just didn't like the ~love~ parts of it (not that it was a romance anyway). (Harry/Ginny ew, and tbh who'd want Ron?)

SUCH HUGE SHERLOCK FEELS BECAUSE FUCKING S02E03 UGH. I don't ship them because I can't see either of them bottoming so it doesn't work out. /sighs. But I adore Martin Freeman as John because he is so lovably lost and his friendship... /tears But Jude Law omfg that man rocks John as well. BBC!John was a bit soft in comparison. Unf. And yeah, 2014, they pushed everything back because Martin's doing the Hobbit and Benedict is doing Star Trek.

Most definitely go Elementary. It's just amazing seeing the dynamic change, especially as it's also a former drug addict/companion relationship as well. I think I like Joan > movie!Sherlock > BBC!Sherlock, but I love them all as well.

Really?! Breaking Dawn is probably my favourite out of the four! I've read it hundreds of times... Twilight was a nice start, New Moon just SUCKED hard and Eclipse was decent but I adored BD! Bella, I was not a fan of, but I was the sap that fell for Edward (keep in mind - this is eighth grade + jesse mccartney phase). So I obviously only shipped Edward/Bella ;_; But I didn't want part of that particular fandom. (It's so sad because R.Pattz is actually up there among my fave people because he is so fabulous. He probably hates Twilight more than you do.)

PRETTY MUCH THOUGH. I watch for Damon and ship him with everyone. Damon/Ian > Seungri even. Elena with Stefan is the stupidest sap and I hate her, but Elena with Damon is actually hilarious and chill I love her, because Stefan with Elena is broody and Edward like in boring ness (hell, I prefer Edward over Stefan when he's like this), but then Stefan in Ripper-mode is just... UNF. Kat is so perfect, which is why I don't know whether I want Damon/Elena or Damon/Katherine OTL.

(Jensen = why most people watch SPN. Also, Mithra.)

:O You're a Loki fan?! I just can't see it, I guess. Probably because I've only ever seen Avengers, so Loki ugh. I'm more of a Tony/Captain America girl I guess.

There are books?! Man. See, I've only ever seen one Bond movie... maybe I should see more (I have the whole set at home LMFAO)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 18th, 2012 02:08 pm (UTC)
All the best then! (And ugh, uni applications. I feel you. :S) I haven't been studying in a while but once I start next year, it's not going to be pretty. Medicine will kill me. ;-;

Just read it! Omg, first HP fic I've read in a loooong while. You're right, the British-isms don't really come off? And I thought Harry is a bit OOC. Draco is spot-on though. I don't mind, but like I said, mostly HHr. Hmmm. Are you looking for long, chaptered fics or one-shots?

You can try parkergray here on LJ for fantastic HHr fics and Atruwriter's 'Survivor' (on ff.net) Portkey.org has really good HHr fics too. c: There's also 'That Old House' by vanillaparchment on ff.net that is so tender and sweet and so HHr.

I ship Hermione/Canon!Male too, so if you're interested, let me know. Canon!Males include Remus, Sirius and James Potter (OMG, let me tell you there is this FANTASTIC JP/HG fic that's incomplete and NOOOO but it's so gooood. ;-;) as well as Tom Riddle Junior. The Tom Riddle Jr. fics are the fandom's best kept het secret imo. :D

It's not just the bottoming parts, it's also that they don't have any chemistry. And Sherlock is so asexual with John. Sherlock has a lot more chemistry with Irene imo but it's so difficult to find good Sherlock/Irene fics without them being OOC (especially during coitus!). I definitely prefer Jude Law's interpretation, but Martin Freeman's John is more like the John in the books. A plus point, I guess? I just watched The Hobbit and I have to say Martin Freeman did really well in it. AND YES STAR TREK 8DDD (geek alert! I'm ashamed to say i haven't been keeping up with news on it though...)

I'll try to get my paws on Elementary. ;D

New Moon sucked, but I thought Eclipse was fantastic and the whole series should've just ended there. Renesmee and Bella - ugh. I do have a soft spot for Robert Pattinson because of his portrayal of Cedric, but not much otherwise? I think he has a lot of potential, have caught his films here and there, but I can't bring myself to watch Twilight. :S (And don't get me started on the girlfriend)

Teehee. Damon feels! But no, I prefer Seungri. I can't even begin with Elena/Stefan, lol. Jump on the Damon/Kat boat. We have smothering hot revenge/lusty eyes and badassery.

I am a Loki fan! Hahaha. Why not? Tbh, Seungri is the only one on my bias list that's waaaaay off the ones I normally spazz about. Seungri, you bias list ruiner, you. If it weren't for Seungri, I guess I'd have been spazzing over TOP. Hahaha. Ooooh Tony/Steve. I used to have feels but then Loki came into the picture and I'm pretty much stalking Loki fics these days. If you'd like to try a Loki/Steve fic, I'd highly rec
Quiet Poetry' by felicitygs on ao3. And these one-shots by teh_helenables on LJ. (I must confess, in addition to feeling the chemistry between couples whether on-screen or not, good writing plays an important part in making them my otp and the Loki fandom is bursting with good writers)

Yep, there're books! I've only ever read the first one though, although I have the entire series in ebook format. Yes, you should! If you have the older Bond movies, I heard the Sean Connery version is really, really good too. :3

this is strictly a lab partnership: Delena - Kissvvipforseungri on December 20th, 2012 08:59 pm (UTC)
Medecine? Sweet. That's where my parents hope I'm headed (me too, LOL). What school?

Ugh, well, I wrote it and just abandoned HP afterwards because I've read my share of Drarry and just that pairing alone has legendary writing so it's like... no, I think I'll just stay in my little kpop corner...

Long chaptered fics with minimal smut and lots of angst/relationship development. I mean, I could always search and find some, but there is so much fanfic out there...

Awesome, I'll check those out!

So you basically just love Hermione, huh? LOL. Personally, I'm kinda squicked by big age differences, but you know. There's plenty weirder ships in this fandom.

WHAAAT? There is so much ust or at least heavy implications throughout the show. Whether or not they did it well was up to interpretation, but even Martin said he wouldn't be surprised if it went that way. But Jude Law is so badass I love it.

I can see why Eclipse could have been a great ending... but it's not like I think BD was a great book (I prefer the drama of Eclipse) but I'm a big fan of Edward/Bella, so the whole first half where it was them on their honeymoon, and then later when she wakes up after transforming, I was just over the moon.

I've actually never been a big fan of Kat. I can see why they'd be perfect together (both loving what they can't have), but I've been a sucker for the bad boy/good girl or bad girl/good boy thing, so I'd love more Stefan/Kat where Stefan is Ripper-like.

(seungri ruins lives it is established.)

Hmm, I'll check that author out, too. It's just if I were to read Avengers I'd prefer action!Avengers rather than relationship!Avengers.

(sean connery, droooool)
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 21st, 2012 05:29 am (UTC)

I understand what you mean. It's a little intimidating when you compare your work to that of greater writers.

This HHr one - Vox Corporis, by MissAnnThrophic over at ff.net. It's one of the first and best HHr fics I've read to date. Minimal smut and lots of relationship development.

Yep. Haha. I don't mind the age gap if they address it properly, but most of them are Time-turner fics. I love Time-turner fics. <3

There is, I guess, but it doesn't make me feel anything? Hahahaha. And irene's badassery sort of overrides the small amount of Sherlock/John shippy feels that are there anyway. AND YES JUDE LAW.

I think by Eclipse I was all "KILL BELLA". My favourite female characters would definitely have to be Leah and Rosalie though. I just can't with Edward/Bella, but I do see why you love BD, in that case.

Really? ;-; (Yes, my guilty pleasure is definitely Stefan/Kat, lol)

(Ugh, Seungri feels. Just when I think I'm done, he pulls me back in and keeps me there.)

Okay! :D

cuz_im_a_vipcuz_im_a_vip on December 13th, 2012 12:36 am (UTC)
Wow. That's all I can say right now, honestly. It's been a while since I've read such a good piece of Seungri, well, being Seungri. And I don't think I've read any where he finds Lee Seunhyun again. This fic was amazing. Really. I liked how you characterized Seungri, made him human, made his love for Jiyong believable. I also really like your style and diction. This is a good piece, and strangely, I'm proud of this Seungri for finding himself again.

Also, I want to point out I really liked the slight DaeRi. I know it wasn't the focus of the fic, but the added scenes at the end warmed my heart. It was really nice as an added scene to show Seungri moving on with his life and finding happiness in other places. Thank you for writing this!
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 13th, 2012 12:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your lovely comment! I really wanted to write about falling out of a relationship and somehow finding your identity again, so I'm happy you caught that bit. And you're making me blush, lol. I'm glad you like my Seungri - hearing this makes me really happy. c:

The slight Daeri was intentional, because I cannot see any of the rest, Youngbae included, coming after Seungri.

There is a deleted extended scene which occurs much later after the epilogue, in which Seungri contemplates beginning a relationship with Daesung, (who has been waiting for him for a while) and then the fic ends like that. I hope that makes you happy!

Thank you for reading! c:

Edited at 2012-12-13 03:29 pm (UTC)
Seaman was a great dog, look it up.seamanthedog on December 20th, 2012 11:53 am (UTC)
Okay can I just say this seems to fit in SO well with the way I see GRi now?

I loved the different ways Seungri says "goodbye" and I think it's filled with angst but has that element of hope at the end to make it perfectly bittersweet. The Gtop shipper in me, for once, would rather have GRi.

Also that whole section about GDYB's relationship and how Seungri fits in (or in this case doesn't) was spot on!
greyrosesinjunegreyrosesinjune on December 21st, 2012 05:32 am (UTC)
I know, right?

Yay! Hahah, that means I succeeded, in a way?

Yes, omg! The GDYB relationship is actually one of the reasons I began writing this, tbh. Especially with the Tweets and the Tumblr affair.
kaesakukaesaku on May 27th, 2014 05:55 pm (UTC)
Gyaaaah~ Such an awesome fic! Nyongtory and Gtop are my faves and I honestly can't decide which one I love more! You wrote this beautifully and although Seungri didn't have a happy ending with Jiyong, I think the story ended in the best way possible. More of this love triangle! ♥