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24 August 2012 @ 11:04 pm
fic: before the apocalypse (2/3)  

title: before the apocalypse

author: greyrosesinjune

pairing: gri

rating: nc-17

genre: romance/angst/

word count: ~ 2 000 words

disclaimer: The characters are not mine sadly; only the plot is.

author's note:

This is the other piece I wrote for the Big Bang Comment Fic Fest, which I highly encourage all who are interested in writing about Big Bang to join. Inspired by the prompt, and also by the urge to write something about the world ending. I guess I'm just weird like that. 

Prompt by cuz_im_a_vip:

 Kiss me, as if the world would end afterwards
Kiss me, and kiss by kiss turn the world upside down.
Kiss me, without reason, because the heart desires it.
And I'll always be with you.

'Besame'- Camila

Part 2

Memories flood his mind.

Omma, smiling, hands outstretched in front of him as he totters on unsteady feet, voice urging him onwards. "Seungri, that's my brave boy, come to Omma, darling."

Appa, solemn and grave, contemplating his son. Seungri, who looks as his father defiantly, telling his concerned father that he's certain of his choice to enrol in YG because all he ever wanted to do is sing. 

And Big Bang;

Youngbae's smiling eyes; Daesung's quiet dignity; Seunghyun's honesty and gruff encouragement; Youngbae's wacky dancing; Daesung's overtly loud laughter; Seunghyun offering him alcohol with a quiet "don't tell Bae, shhh!" -

and Jiyong, whom he carries with him every single second nestled in his heart.

The first time Seungri saw Jiyong, skinny but not scrawny, in too-large singlets and baggy pants; yet felt awe that this is the G-Dragon. Jiyong who scowled every single time their eyes met at the beginning. Who berated him to no end because of his 'too airy' voice; not good enough, that he didn't deserve to be in Big Bang. Seungri crying silently into his pillow before Jiyong crawled behind him and held him; murmuring, "I'm sorry, maknae." Jiyong's proud smile when Seungri sang the line of a song perfectly.

Jiyong's warm arms around Seungri and how Nyongtory fanservice slowly began to blur between the lines for Seungri. Jiyong's wide eyes when Seungri confessed his attraction towards the leader. The nervousness bubbling in his stomach as Seungri tried to gauge Jiyong's blank expression. Euphoria, when Jiyong had grinned, leaned in and kissed Seungri for the first time tenderly before complaining loudly that "I've been waiting forever for you to realise this, Ri!" 

Jiyong's casual smirks directed at Seungri. Fingers intertwining discreetly in between work and more work. Light kisses, peppered into hair stiff with hairspray and bleached into colours only found on an artist's palette. Squabbling over who drives the car because they both want to be the passenger (Seungri lost most of the time). Jiyong next to him on the couch as they lazed around watching dramas, legs touching.

Seungri, pinned against the futon as Jiyong ravished his lips and left them too swollen and sensitive. Warmth and an urgent need to be sated as Jiyong trailed his lips down Seungri's torso, downwards where he is hot and heavy; before wrapping pink lips around Seungri's hard length. Heavy breathing and 'Ji, oh Ji, yessss!'. Arching into Jiyong, falling into Jiyong. Ache and pain and then the tenderness of Jiyong inside him for the first time. Jiyong thrusting slowly and how Seungri's world revolved only around Jiyong in those moments; Jiyong's heartbeat, Jiyong's lust-touched eyes, Jiyong's hand on his shaft. The crescendo that builds within him with every tiny action and Jiyong bringing about the fireworks that lit up behind his eyelids, coaxing every last bit of his climax and the warmth spreading in him; evidence of Jiyong's love for him. 

Jiyong waking up early this morning before leaving for the studio, trying to be quiet because Seungri was still sleeping. Jiyong's lips, cold from the shower, pressed against his forehead. Seungri, eyes fluttering open at the sensation, tilting his head upwards to catch Jiyong's lips. A loving kiss, with promise of more that got Jiyong hard and made him linger for another half an hour. Jiyong, flushed and wide eyed below him as Seungri began to worship Jiyong with his lips. Nuzzling against Jiyong's neck as Seungri buried himself in Jiyong's tightness and Jiyong's hushed pleas of 'move, baby, please'. Languid thrusts before the pace picks up. Jiyong coming undone in Seungri's arms while Seungri reaches nirvana. Quiet pecks, "happy birthday, baby", before Jiyong complains about needing another shower. A promise - their own private celebration tonight. Seungri pouting and Jiyong chuckling, leaning down to press his lips against Seungri's. Tonight, baby, tonight.' 

Seungri remembers all these with a tightness in his chest and he sobs, piteously wishing Jiyong were there holding him.